mura-drava Služba vlade za samoupravo in regionalno politiko
Near and Far

Near and Far

The entire cycle route along the Mura and Drava can be divided into shorter or longer journeys. People are different; some may prefer exploring the local attractions on long cycle trips amidst the fabulous countryside along the Mura and Drava Rivers.

There are many tours offered: more or less difficult, shorter or longer, but they all have in common that they lead you on panoramic rides through Mura and Drava villages and towns and present you with locations that you may never have heard of before.

If at any time your curiosity takes over you can easily stop at any of the interesting natural and cultural attractions along the path. Or perhaps you will just remember some of those spots for your next visit to the area.

Tour length Difficulty: medium

Stage 1

Sicheldorf – mejni prehod Gederovci – Sodišinci – Murski Petrovci – Petanjci – Tišina – Tropovci – Gradišče – Murski Črnci – Satahovci – Krog – Murska Sobota
Stage length  

Stage 2a

Krog – Bakovci – Dokležovje – Ižakovci – Melinci – Gornja Bistrica – Razkrižje – Mota
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Stage 2b

Krog – Bakovci – Dokležovje – Ižakovci – Melinci – Gornja Bistrica – Srednja Bistrica – Dolnja Bistrica – Brezovec – Hotiza – Velika Polana – Mala Polana – reka Ledava – Lendava – Lendavske gorice (na levi strani poti) – Dolina pri Lendavi – mejni prehod Pince
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