mura-drava Služba vlade za samoupravo in regionalno politiko
Together in Triumphs

Together in Triumphs

Teambuilding in the form of group cycling is an excellent way to combine pleasant and active leisure activities with the positive effects of employee relationship building in a new environment.

With your colleagues, you can experience the various activities offered in areas around the Mura and Drava Rivers. Group games, strolls on Pohorje, rowing boat rides, ferry rides

In a relaxed atmosphere, formed through a combination of traditional cuisine and premium wine, you will get to know your employees or colleagues in a different light. Together, you’ll develop new bonds that can then be transferred back to the normal working environment and certainly have an impact on your future cooperation.

Appropriate time period: May – November
Recommended number of participants: 10 to 20
Difficulty: medium to difficult
Duration of programme per day: 8 to 10 hours
Effective cycling: 8 hours
Hiking: 1 hour
Water activities: 4 hours

Day 1

Sv. Martin na Muri – Hotiza – Velika Polana – Mala Polana – Lendava – Dolnji Lakoš – Mursko Središče – Marof – Sv. Martin na Muri

Day 2

Sv. Martin na Muri – Gornji Koncovčak – Toplice Sv. Martin – Štrigova – Razkrižje – Gibina – Sv. Martin na Muri

Day 3

Sv. Martin na Muri – Brezovec – Marof – Sv. Martin na Muri